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"U" Tube
  'U' bending is done by cold working process.

  'U' bending is done to the required radius as per customer drawings.

  The bend portion and six inch leg is stress relieved by resistance heating.

  Inert gas (Argon) is passed through it at the required flow rate to avoid oxidation.

  The radius is checked for its OD and wall thinning with the recommended specification.

  Visual inspection for waviness and cracks checks is done with Dye Penetrant Test.

  Each tube is then hydro tested at the recommended pressure to check for leakage.

  Cotton ball test is done to check the inside cleanliness of the tube.

  Thereafter pickled, dried, marked and packed.

  All procedure is strictly followed as per TEMA "R", "C", "B" and ASTM A-688.

We also manufacture tubes upto 30 meter long.