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Important Guidelines To Manufacture Superior Quality Bright Annealing Tube

The technology of induction heating is now widely accepted across various industries. There has been a surge in the demand of superior-quality annealing tubes with a good finish. In response to the surge in this demand, suppliers and manufacturers now look for new avenues to get better quality stainless steel pipes that aim at induction heating. As per metallurgy principles, annealing involves heating the metal above critical temperature to increase the ductility of the same. This technology helps in relieving the internal stress of metal and softens it. Stainless steel pipes slow down slowly, whereas silver, copper and brass pipes.

Control of temperature

The use of this technology helps in tempering and hardening the carbon steel rod. This process of annealing is a perfect solution for heat treatment. Usually, the annealing temperature is high but it can be controlled as per your requirement. You can opt for bright and dull annealing processes; the difference is based on the temperature that time used for the same. The Bright annealing tube goes through a process where hydrogen is used. Whereas in the dull annealing process, the temperature is minimized to avoid the oxide formation on the surface of the pipe.

Clean the surface

During the annealing process, unit of measuring the duration is in seconds. Prior to quenching the annealed pipes in water, you need to maintain the temperature of the same. The Bright annealing tube Manufacturer ensures that surface of the tube is cleaned so that there is no accumulation of grease or other carbonaceous elements. Presence of any foreign material might lead to corrosion and carburization. In this process, the quenching must be rapid, so there is no precipitation of carbon particles. If you intend to follow the dull annealing process, then ensure that it is conducted under the gas temperature. This process will imply that the quench will be slow and indirect.

Follow safety tips

Often quartz pipes are also used as this is in demand in few of the markets. If you are planning to have bright pipes for the process, then you need to have a protective atmosphere for the same. These pipes have to pass through different layers. The system through which these pipes pass are sealed with sound welding so that the product is not contaminated by deposition of any foreign particle. Well, you need to pay heed to the safety of the system, as the inflow of oxygen and combination with hydrogen might be hazardous.

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